Do You Have The Mindset Of Commitment?

'That would be nice' brings a much different level of action than 'I am committed.' Where is your commitment level with your goals?
Christi Hegstad June 28th, 2020
Q: What’s your plan?
A: Whatever it takes.
– Jess Ekstrom

An action map is a critical component of goal achievement. Without breaking a goal into milestones, timelines, and manageable steps, we rarely move from idea to accomplishment in an effective or enjoyable manner.

Right along with that, however, we need the mindset of commitment.

‘That would be nice’ brings about a much different level of action than ‘I am committed to making it happen.’

This week, assess your commitment toward your goal.

Once you’ve re-established how you want the second half of 2020 to look (see my email + worksheet from last Thursday for guidance!), ask yourself how committed you are to making that your reality.

Are you willing to dedicate time to it regularly?

Are you willing to give less attention to other, not-as-important things?

Are you willing to invest in necessary support or resources?

Determine what ‘commitment’ means for you, then check in with yourself. The higher your commitment, the greater your likelihood of achievement!

Christi Hegstad, PhD, PCC is the Certified Executive + Personal Coach for Difference-Making Achievers! Reach out today to discuss coaching opportunities.

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