Decluttering Beyond ‘Stuff’

Those feelings of lightness and clarity that come with clearing away excess 'stuff' can accompany other decluttering areas as well.
Christi Hegstad July 4th, 2019

Have you ever dropped off a bag (or trunk-load) (or truck bed) of stuff at a donation site after decluttering?

If so, you know the feelings of lightness, clarity, and spaciousness that can come with letting go of excess.

Early in my business I facilitated numerous decluttering workshops, viewing the process from this perspective: Discern your vision, values, and purpose, then clear away obstacles that keep you from fulfilling them.

And that doesn’t just mean ‘stuff.’ You can declutter many aspects of work and life in a similar way, and with similar benefits.

This week, declutter your screen usage.

One area that overwhelms many is online involvement: email, social media, and the like.

This week, explore your relationship with technology – perhaps choosing one area that feels particularly frustrating or time-consuming. Start by clarifying your purpose for engaging in that platform.

Then, ask yourself what would enhance your experience. Creating a schedule so you don’t feel tied to your phone? Before logging in, pausing to ask yourself what you intend to accomplish? Taking a break and seeing what you notice?

Examine how your screen usage contributes to or takes away from your values and vision for your life, and experiment with possibilities. For further discussion, click here to read my thoughts from the book Digital Minimalism, which has transformed the way I use InstagramFacebook, and screens in general!

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