Crafting Your Vision Statement

Increase your clarity, boost your motivation, and connect the dots of your work and life with your own vision statement!
Christi Hegstad October 24th, 2023

If you feel less than enthusiastic about your work, clarity, or sense of success these days, I did something recently that has made a profound difference – maybe you want to give it a try, too:

I wrote a new vision statement.

I wrote my first vision statement years ago, and although I revisit and revise it pretty regularly, I recently realized that what I had didn’t quite ‘fit’ anymore.

Things have changed, *I* have changed, and I needed my vision statement to reflect that.

So I pulled out a blank piece of paper, asked myself a few questions, and let myself dream without limitations. I then noted the most important-to-me points and crafted them into a statement.

Once I sat with this newly-revised vision statement for a while, other things – such as my goals, plans, and focus for the upcoming year – started falling into place, too.

A few of the questions that got me started, which you might try asking yourself:

* If I waved a magic wand and everything went absolutely beautifully, what would I see 3 (or 5, or 10) years from now?

* At my 95th birthday party, what would I love to hear said when others are toasting me?

* How would I like to finish this sentence: “When people think of _______, they think of me”? In other words, what do I want to be ‘known for’?

And one of my personal favorites,

* What will the world look like once I’ve finished changing it?

These are big questions, which is what we need to craft a big vision! But don’t worry if it takes a while to uncover your answers. (And if you’d like help with this, contact me – I coach often on vision, purpose statement, and values work!)

Do you have a vision statement? What other questions might you ask yourself to help clarify your vision? Share your ideas and questions below!

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