Confusing Your Role With Your Purpose

Your job, family status, or leadership role does not equal your purpose. Start digging deeper for the through-line between them all.
Christi Hegstad January 31st, 2019

If I asked you, “What’s your purpose?” – how would you respond?

We often immediately think of the roles we serve as our purpose: To be an inspiring CEO, a compassionate parent, a confident team leader.

Yes, your purpose is like a through-line among your various roles. But if your role disappears or changes, you do not lose your purpose.

Your purpose runs soooo much deeper than that.

Inspired Action:

This week, pay attention.

Notice moments that light you up, energize you, put you in a state of flow.

Acknowledge when you feel strong or like you’re doing exactly what you are meant to do.

Listen when your intuition says, “YES – this feels right!” and, equally, “NO – time to reconsider this.”

Start making note of these ‘purpose clues’ in your journal and see what common threads you find. Seek examples in work, parenting, conversations with friends, while learning a new craft or skill, everywhere – and start to envision how your purpose shows up in them all.

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