What Does Confidence Look Like?

What have you noticed about the most confident people you know?
Christi Hegstad September 23rd, 2020

What does confidence actually look like?

Contrary to what some advertisers might encourage us to believe, confidence isn’t something we simply have or we don’t. It’s not something we can buy or that automatically appears once we ‘hit it big.’

Confidence is built, and rebuilt, over time.

The most confident people I know tend to have a few things in common:

* They honor their values. They’re the same person no matter the situation or with whom they find themselves.

* They’ve picked themselves back up, usually a bunch. They don’t always get things right, but they know that a single setback doesn’t define them.

* Their confidence radiates from within. Sure, a good hair day helps, but it’s not a requirement.

* They ask great questions – including asking for help. They don’t pretend to know it all, and they listen more than they talk.

* They seek positive solutions. They don’t ignore the hard parts – they just don’t let the hard parts run the show.

Confident people don’t walk into a room – or into a group chat or an online forum or a social media post – thinking they’re better than everyone else.

They likely walk in thankful for and inspired by everyone else!

What do *you* notice about confident people?

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