Confidence Or Humility: Which Is Better?

Would you prefer a leader with confidence or humility? Which would you rather be yourself?
Christi Hegstad July 25th, 2021
You can be confident in your ability to achieve a goal in the future while maintaining the humility to question whether you have the right tools in the present. That’s the sweet spot of confidence.
Adam Grant
Which is better: Confidence or humility?
In Think Again, Dr. Grant shares that the most effective leaders ‘score high in both confidence and humility.’ He discusses the importance of recognizing our strengths while also being aware of our weaknesses.
‘Confident humility’ is a phrase appearing often throughout this outstanding book, and it has definitely resonated with me. How about you?
This week, practice ‘confident humility.’
For example:
Believe in yourself and your success while still acknowledging you have more to learn.
Honor your values and opinions while remaining open to hearing someone else’s.
Take the next action toward your goal while understanding this may require asking for help.
As with most things in life, confidence / humility isn’t either / or. This week, let’s embrace the ‘and’!
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