Coming Out Of A Fog

If you feel 'foggy' or a bit weighed down, maybe one of these ideas can help!
Christi Hegstad October 31st, 2023

I can’t fully explain it, but I am grateful for it:

Along with the lessons October brought me (check back later this week for that post!), I feel like I have also, in many ways, come out of a fog.

I’m not exactly sure what caused the fog in the first place, though I do have a few ideas. But I knew something had to change, and that it was up to me to change it. So, I tried a number of different strategies, including:

* Practicing intentional, daily mindset work

* Decluttering my workspace

* Taking many Clarity Walks (see my LinkedIn post from last week for more on these)

* Connecting with inspiring, helpful, difference-making people

* Finishing several lingering to-do’s

* Returning to some personal + spiritual practices that had slipped by the wayside

* Taking an honest look at my goals and refreshing as needed

* Drinking more water

Nothing too monumental here, right? But somehow, in the month of October, things thankfully seemed to come together a bit more clearly.

Now, any researcher worth her salt knows not to implement 157 different things at once in an experiment, because then you can’t isolate what, exactly, caused the outcome.

So while I can’t tell what specifically prompted my personal fog-lifting, I’m just thankful it happened! And I’m willing to keep up with some of these practices in the hope of continued clarity.

I wanted to share a few of these ideas today in case they help prompt some ideas for you, too. And also to help future-me, when I need another boost.

If you feel a bit ‘foggy’ or weighed down, remember – this too shall pass. And if one of these strategies sounds helpful, or if this post supports you in coming up with one or two of your own to try, I’m so glad!

Here’s to a clear and strong finish to 2023!

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