Clarity Kickstart: Your Authentic Leadership Voice

Christi Hegstad May 19th, 2014


“There are real-life examples of soft power…clusters of people who change lives through the power not of their charisma but of their caring. Their communication skills are sufficient to convey their message, but their real strength comes from substance.”


~ Susan Cain

Coaching Tip for the Week:


What qualities make up a strong leader? 
Over the past few weeks, I have asked this question among hundreds of people in leadership development trainings. Not once did words like charisma or loud come up in these groups. 
Words like authentic, honest, passionate, and kind did, however, and quite frequently.
Leadership is more than loudly proclaiming your ideas or trying to adopt a one-size-fits-all, formulaic approach. True leadership creates and communicates a vision so strongly and purposefully that people want to be a part of it, to make it happen. That can only be achieved through your authentic leadership voice – whether loud or soft. 
This week, write down the names of 3-5 leaders you wholeheartedly respect and admire. Then record the quality that stands out for you with each of them. This exercise will not only broaden your leadership perspective, it will likely clue you into your own leadership voice – how you want to be as a leader.   
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