Change One Thing, Change Your Life

Need to make a change in your work, leadership, or life? Start with a small shift in your daily routine.
Christi Hegstad September 4th, 2017
Coaching Tip of the Week:
The more I read about him, the more I believe Ben Franklin really knew what he was doing.
He planned his days purposefully. He envisioned his ideal regularly and made changes accordingly. He created a list of 13 virtues that mattered most to him, then assessed himself each day on how he carried those out.
And he kept track of it all, so he could honestly, accurately evaluate what he wanted to do differently.
This week, commit to changing one aspect of your daily routine – and track it
In my Do What You Love! newsletter last week, you received a free tool to map out your ideal week. Now, what’s one thing – one small thing – you could start (or stop) doing daily that would make a difference?
Maybe you could start your day by reviewing your Purpose Statement, to shift into an intentional mindset.
Or you could identify your top three priorities each day before turning on your computer.
Or you could drink 50 ounces of water each day, uplift someone each day with a note of gratitude, or write for 15 minutes each day.
The key here? Each day. 
When you take care of the moments, the rest tends to take care of itself. How will you improve one moment each day this week? Share your ideas on Instagram or Facebook!