Building Mental Strength

Mental strength, like physical strength, requires ongoing strategy and care.
Christi Hegstad September 7th, 2023

How do you strengthen your mind?

Most months, I choose a topic of growth on which I specifically wish to focus. Back in July, my topic was mental strength.

Much like we can’t do one set of situps and call ourselves fit for life, we can’t simply practice one mindset strategy and assume our minds are strong for life, either.

This week, practice strengthening your mind.

You can do this any number of ways. Consider what serves you best, and go from there.

Personally, I like to have a variety of tools in my mental strength toolkit. My list back in July included things like journaling, fueling myself with fortifying content, simplifying in some area, seeking support from a friend or professional, taking a small action, and asking (and, of course, answering and then implementing) ‘Who am I when I’m at my best?’

I continue to refer to that list, FYI!

Feel free to share your favorite mental strength strategy below. Here’s to a strong and resilient month!

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