Building Your Confidence Muscle

Wish you were more confident? Good news: You can be! And building your confidence isn't as overwhelming as it may seem.
Christi Hegstad February 22nd, 2021

Courage and self-confidence are muscles that grow with exercise.

Susan Nolan-Hoeksema, PhD

If you’ve ever wished you were more confident, good news:
You can be!
Like lifting weights will help you build strength, exercising your ‘confidence muscle’ leads to a similar result.
This week, take small actions – and track them.
Consider one of your goals. What is one tiny action you could take today to move it forward?
Take the action and document it (perhaps in a Success Journal like I wrote about here).
Tomorrow, repeat the process.
Do this for a week and you’ll be closer to your goal, plus you’ll have a track record of your successful action-taking.
And you’ll likely begin feeling more confident, too.
Confidence doesn’t come with one single event, but rather through a series of small actions, tiny wins, minor successes added up over time.
If you want more confidence, start building it today – one small, purposeful action at a time.
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