Bringing Your Gifts To Your Goals

One of the best ways to enhance your productivity, motivation, and overall sense of fulfillment!
Christi Hegstad February 3rd, 2020
The goal is not to attain some imaginary ideal; it is to find and fully use our own gifts.
Gay Hendricks

Maybe you have a knack for taking the complex and making it simple.

Maybe you can seamlessly redirect conversations to focus on solutions instead of blame.

Maybe you’re organized, or persistent, or able to see the beauty in any situation.

Each of us has different gifts. They often become so second-nature, however, that we can easily forget or even discredit them.

This week, connect your gifts to your goals.

Without being humble, identify – and celebrate! – your gifts.

Then ask yourself how they can support you in achieving your bold goals.

How might you simplify your complex goal into manageable action steps? How could your ability to organize help you launch that program, design that business, or speak on that stage?

Not only will you find this goal / gift connection helpful in terms of your sense of fulfillment, you may discover it’s a powerful motivation and productivity booster as well!

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