Blocking Time for Personal Growth

When did you last block - and honor - time for your own personal growth?
Christi Hegstad August 17th, 2023

When did you last block time in your schedule for your own personal development?

Now, a very separate question: When did you last honor that time – actually dedicating it to something that nurtured your growth?

Mindful, fully-present time focused solely on our own growth can feel self-indulgent, low-priority, or downright impossible.

Yet such time can improve our mindset, quality of life, relationships, and overall wellbeing in countless ways!

This week, block time for your personal growth.

This could involve an afternoon at a quiet coffee shop to map out your goals, a Saturday morning on a nature walk listening to an inspiring audiobook, or a day at an event designed specifically for your personal growth, like our upcoming Purpose + Delight event on October 12.

Then, when that time comes around, honor it for the purpose you’ve designated.

Your future self will be grateful!

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