Before You Set Your Goals, Do This!

Ready to make the next year better than the last? Before you get started, take a few moments for this important preliminary action!
Christi Hegstad December 30th, 2020
To accomplish anything, we have to believe we’re up to the challenge. That doesn’t mean it will be easy or that we even know how we’re going to accomplish it. It just means we believe we’re capable.
– Michael Hyatt


We now find ourselves on the cusp of a new year.
New goals.
New opportunities.
New mindsets.
Ready to make next year better than the last?
This week, conduct a Celebration of Triumphs.
Before you kickstart your plans and goals for 2021, take a moment to celebrate all you have accomplished.
Make a list of all the wins you’ve experienced in 2020: large or small, personal or professional. It doesn’t matter if anyone else would consider them wins – this list is for your eyes only.
(Peek at my recent post on Instagram or LinkedIn for our ASPIRE Success Club game card that might help you with this activity.)
Let your list of wins remind you that you are capable. You are resourceful. You are resilient.
Then, from that space of success, dig into your 2021 goals. Let’s make this year the best ever!
If you want guidance and coaching to help you experience meaningful success in 2021, contact me about opportunities!


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