Ask Me Anything – MAPiversary Edition!

What can I help you with? What would you like to know? In celebration of my coaching firm's 19th anniversary, ask away!
Christi Hegstad February 20th, 2022
This month, my coaching firm celebrates 19 years in business!
And as I shared the other day on LinkedIn, 20 years ago – just one year before opening the doors to MAP Professional Development Inc – starting a business wasn’t even on my radar.
Life sure offers a lot of interesting lessons, doesn’t it?!
In honor of our 19th MAPiversary, I am here to answer your questions! Whether about coaching, meaning + purpose, books, goals, time + priorities, my entrepreneurial journey … ask away!
You can share your question through this Wednesday, 2/23, and I will answer as many as possible on my blog, LinkedIn, and/or an upcoming newsletter.
So, is there something I can help you with? Something you’d like to know about my path? If we were sitting together in the chairs pictured above, what would you love to ask? Post your question in the comments below or via email (click here and put QUESTION in the subject line).
And if you don’t have a question, feel free to say hello via these routes as well. I appreciate you and am thankful for your support all these years!
Happy MAPiversary!
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  • Janet Elting Banks

    Congratulations! I am just starting my business and I am wondering, what “mistake” did you make in the first year in business that turned out to be a win?

    • Congratulations on starting your business, Janet! And thank you for this thought-provoking question – you’ve definitely got my wheels turning! Stay tuned to the blog and/or my newsletter as I’ll respond to this and other questions very soon. :)

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