Achievement From The Inside Out

It's not only what you do, it's *who you are* that helps change the world.
Christi Hegstad February 24th, 2020

Most of my coaching clients are achievers – people who want to set and accomplish meaningful goals, who seek opportunities for growth, who perhaps feel a certain level of ambition or drive.

In many cases, they also – like me –  enjoy the thrill of checking things off the list. :-)

Achievement is important. A sense of accomplishment can provide motivation and fulfillment. Seeing a track record of purposeful success fuels our knowledge that we can do what we set out to do and make a difference while we’re at it.

We also need to remember that accomplishment alone does not determine our worth.

This week, celebrate your internal value.

Reflect, perhaps in your journal, about some of the qualities that make you the awesome human you are.

Maybe you’re friendly, kind, or respectful of others’ feelings.

Maybe you’re patient, able to recognize others’ gifts, or have a knack for seeing solutions.

Maybe you are curious, can view issues from different perspectives, or feel a deep appreciation for nature.

Celebrate your accomplishments, for sure. But also celebrate the fact that you make a positive difference in the world just by being you – regardless of what gets checked off your list today.

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