Achieve Success By Helping Others Achieve Success

Want to exponentially increase your success? Support others in theirs!
Christi Hegstad April 27th, 2020
When we work to help others achieve success, we not only raise the performance of the group, we exponentially increase our own potential.
Shawn Achor

Is there anything more beautiful than a team of capable, supportive, high-intentioned people working together to achieve a purposeful result?

Individual success, such as setting and achieving a formidable goal, feels incredible and contributes significantly to our growth.

And that feeling increases tremendously when we are able to share the experience with, and for the benefit of, others.

This week, help someone achieve success.

Reach out to a team member who is struggling and offer to brainstorm solutions with them.

Ask your child about a project they’ve been working on and what they have learned so far.

Share your top takeaway from an enlightening book or TED Talk on your Facebook page.

Although ‘working together’ may look a bit different in this time of physical distancing, it’s very doable – and perhaps more important than ever. Consider whom you can help build up this week, and watch your own potential rise in the process!

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