5 Ways To Put Your Purpose Into Action

Practical ideas for purposeful living!
Christi Hegstad March 27th, 2024

Last night I had the distinct pleasure of hearing dozens of community leaders and difference-makers share their personal Purpose Statements with all of us in the room. I’ve helped facilitate the Community Connect program through Lead DSM for nine years now, and this unique graduation ceremony never gets old!

I truly believe one of the most significant ways we can change our world and live to our highest potential is by clarifying, and honoring, our individual purposes. In that spirit, and in celebration of our Community Connect graduates, I thought I’d share 5 practical ways you can intentionally put your Purpose Statement into action, starting today!

Filter Your Decisions.

Over the years, I’ve had clients share how their Purpose Statement helped them decide on everything from career paths to philanthropy to family activities to how to spend their leisure time. Your Purpose Statement can serve as a powerful lens through which you can filter myriad choices that come your way.

‘Right The Ship.’

If you’re feeling ‘off’ in a situation, it can often be connected to your core values not being honored. When you are clear on your values and purpose, you can more easily pinpoint what’s off and take the appropriate action.

Live Authentically + Wholeheartedly.

One cool aspect of your Purpose Statement is that it isn’t specific to a particular role or life category; your purpose applies whether you are at home, at work, volunteering, traveling abroad, or in the checkout line at the grocery store. Knowing and honoring who you are at your core can help you live more true to yourself in all situations.

Pre-Screen Your Actions.

Part of my Purpose Statement is to ‘inspire positive action.’ Before I post on Instagram, hit ‘publish’ on a blog, or say ‘yes’ to an activity, I like to pause and ask myself, ‘Does this have the potential to inspire positive action?’ If not, I tend to rethink whether or not this is truly an action I want to take.

Make Your Difference.

When you see where your purpose overlaps with the world’s – or your corner of the world’s – needs, that’s where the magic happens! There’s nothing quite like making a difference in such an aligned, intentional, purposeful way.

If you’ve uncovered and written your Purpose Statement, I hope this refresher helps. If you haven’t yet clarified your purpose and would like to, we can typically do this within three coaching sessions – email me and I’ll be happy to share more details.

Here’s to making your meaningful, purposeful difference! The world is better for it – and for having you in it.

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