5 Ways To Begin Building (Or Rebuilding) Your Confidence

Confidence isn't a stagnant, predetermined experience, but rather something we can enhance on a daily basis. Here's some help!
Christi Hegstad October 14th, 2021

Sometimes low confidence is situational; ie, you don’t get offered the job you thought you were a shoe-in for, and you begin questioning yourself.

Sometimes it’s more foundational, like when a voice – perhaps even your own – has been telling you for years that you cannot achieve your goals or that you’re an imposter.

Let me assure you that, either way, you are not alone. Much of my coaching work addresses confidence, regardless of one’s achievements or levels of success. Most of us experience confidence dips at times.

Fortunately, we can take action to purposefully build – or rebuild – our confidence. It’s not a stagnant concept but one that we have agency over! Here are 5 ways to help you get started.

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1. Keep a Success Journal.

In a nutshell, a Success Journal simply involves writing one ‘win’ (and you get to define what constitutes a win) per day. Do this for even three weeks and you’ll have a list of over 20 points proving your success – and strengthening your confidence as a result. This simple but profound step requires less than two minutes per day but, especially over time, can change everything.

You can read more about my Success Journal idea here.

2. Define confidence for yourself.

One person may view a sign of confidence as being able to speak to a group of 1,500; someone else may recognize confidence when they can speak up in a meeting of two. You may feel confidence as a straightening of your posture and an opening of your shoulders; someone else may feel confidence as a slowing of their heartbeat.

Don’t just adopt someone else’s definition of confidence. Discern what it looks and feels like for you, specifically.

3. Seek out a cheerleader.

The naysayers have a way of finding us all on their own, don’t they? So make sure you have a cheerleader in your corner, too – someone who will remind you of your past successes, support your future dreams, and encourage you along the way.

Side note: Being that person for someone else can be a great confidence-builder, too.

4. Scan your personal history.

When have you felt confident in the past – and what contributed to those moments? As you look over your work and life, what moments or achievements stand out as successes? When have you overcome an obstacle, stretched out of your comfort zone, or achieved a goal?

Make a list of these moments – what I often refer to as a Celebration of Triumphs – and start looking for clues, patterns, and contributing factors. Learn more and download a worksheet to support you here.

5. Connect with a pro.

You don’t have to figure everything out on your own! So many resources are available to support you in strengthening your confidence. Reach out to a certified coach, licensed therapist, or an experienced and trusted mentor, depending on your needs and situation.

I coach in this area daily, so if I can be of service to you, you are welcome to reach out to me!

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