5 Takeaways From The 2019 Mastermind Summit

Lots of wisdom and insights shared at the 2019 Mastermind Summit in San Diego! Here are 5 of my top takeaways from the event.
Christi Hegstad September 10th, 2019

Last month, I joined thousands of others at the 2019 Mastermind Summit in San Diego, put on by Buffini & Company. After hearing about the event for years from a few of my clients, I was excited to see that the dates would work in my calendar this summer.

Brian Buffini is well known in the real estate world and has been for over two decades. Since I am an executive and personal coach, I wasn’t certain when I first learned of the event if the content would apply to my work and life. But after learning more about the company, which holds core values like “Live what we teach” and “Practice servant leadership,” I felt confident it would resonate. It seems the company has delved deep into personal and professional development over the years.

I am now 100% certain that the content applies!

The event was fantastic, and the timing could not have been better: With numerous transitions occurring both personally and professionally, I arrived at the Summit with an open mind and heart. I left rejuvenated, inspired, and with pages of notes, ideas, and tips. Below are five of my big takeaways that may speak to you, as well as a coaching question for each that you can ask yourself.

1. DECIDE to succeed.

The ‘wait and wish’ approach to achieving a goal, building a thriving relationship, or creating a successful business does not typically lead to outstanding results. Decide to achieve. Decide to succeed.

Making the decision – and removing ‘maybe’ and ‘sort of’ and ‘I’ll try but…’ – makes a powerful difference!

Where do you need to decide to succeed rather than waiting and/or wishing?



I took this in two forms: First, focus on what matters. Pay attention to the details but don’t get lost in them, even though they can be easy, satisfying, and fun to check off.

Second, focus on the task at hand. “Opportunity knocks,” Buffini stated, “but distraction leans on the doorbell.”

What helps you focus in this distraction-filled world?


3. Give your BEST.

“Never perform any task less than your best,” Buffini suggested. At first blush, this might sound exhausting. But it might also serve as an important reminder to be selective about what actually goes on your to-do list, and to strive for excellence in those things deemed worthy.

As the saying goes, how we do anything is how we do everything!

How can you give your best – even in areas no one else might see or care about?

Gathering my conference takeaways with a delicious coffee at Caffe Italia!
Reflecting on my conference takeaways with a delicious coffee in Little Italy, San Diego!

4. Embrace your HEALTHY AMBITION.

Many of my clients, who are typically achievers, feel uncertain about their drive and desire to succeed. ‘Can’t I just be satisfied with the way things are?’ they sometimes ask themselves or, perhaps more often, are asked by those around them who don’t share the same level of ambition.

As an achiever myself, I can relate. I appreciated Buffini’s reminder that ambition, when pursued in service and “with an open hand,” is a good thing.

What aspect of your personality could you leverage to improve lives (including your own)?


5. ACT.

Thinking, dreaming, and planning are important – but only take us so far. We can’t change the world without putting those ideas into action – even if it means failing forward again and again!

“Be an action taker,” Buffini reminded us, “not just someone with good intentions.”

Where do you need to start putting all those plans and ideas into action?


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In the meantime, let me reiterate the value in attending conferences, hiring coaches, and investing in your growth. The benefits are countless and have a ripple effect that extends far and wide! Thank you to Buffini & Company for such a powerful, purposeful event!


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