5-Step Process To End The Year STRONG

We are about to enter 4th quarter, friends. Does that prompt excitement or panic? This 5-step process can get - or keep - you on track!
Christi Hegstad September 13th, 2018

In less than 3 weeks, we will enter the fourth and final quarter of 2018.

If you’re like many professionals, this reminder prompts one of two thoughts:

“One full quarter left? Better kick it into high gear and make the most of it!”


“Only one quarter left? Guess I won’t be meeting my goals this year after all.” 

If you are in the first camp – or want to join us there – today’s 5-step process is for you. This simple but powerful exercise may very likely bring a greater sense of clarity and focus than you’ve experienced much of the year, as well as make your next best actions more apparent. Let’s dive in!

Strong confident woman! Winning and life goals concept.

Step #1: Identify your primary feeling.

Close your eyes, take a few deep breaths, and imagine Quarter 4 is your best ever in all possible ways. You’re ending the year on a high note, where everything has fallen into place beautifully. How does that make you feel?

Open your eyes and record the top feeling that arises for you. Strong, peaceful, energized, successful, exhilarated…whatever came to the surface. Keep that word present (hint: weave it into your passwords!) for the remainder of the year. It may sound a bit woo-woo but I bet you’ll be surprised how much the reminder motivates you!

Step #2: Choose your goal.

That’s right, singular.

Choose one goal that will be your dominant focus for the remainder of the year. You will still achieve other goals, but select one that a) you commit to 100%, b) will up-level other areas of your work/life, and c) will help you end the year feeling what you identified in Step #1. Are you ready to take daily action on this goal?

Make the goal specific and connect it to your primary feeling, recording it as you will say it on December 31. For example, “I am so energized now that I have enrolled 10 ideal new clients!” or “I feel so strong and purposeful now that I have raised $75,000 for my nonprofit!”

Step #3: Brainstorm possible actions.

My favorite way to do this involves a Breakthrough Map, which you can read about and see examples of here. Once you’ve identified possible actions, prioritize them into a logical, doable sequence. Make sure this is on paper or Evernote or somewhere outside of your head.

Step #4: Secure support.

This is the time of year I am typically most thankful for my coach and the mastermind groups I belong to. These people want to see me reach my goal as much as I do (and vice versa), and that accountability, support, and belief in my ability spurs me like nothing else.

I currently have an opening for one coaching client in October, so if you want to experience firsthand what I’m talking about, be sure to reach out ASAP to set up a time for us to talk.

Decide And Take Action Coffee Letterboard

Step #5: Take inspired action.

Don’t wait until the perfect time, or until you have everything figured out, or until you have all your ducks in a row / i’s dotted / t’s crossed / cats herded … you get the picture. Take an action, then take a next action, then a next.

Yes, the year is winding down – but it’s not over. As of today, if my calculations are correct, we have over three months left. More than 15 weeks. 109 days.

If you took one inspired action every day for 109 days, where would your goal be at the end of the year? 

Wait, don’t answer that. Instead, take that action and find out!