The 3 Most Important Things To Do Each Week

What's topping your to-do list this week?
Christi Hegstad October 3rd, 2021
How many days per week do you feel intentional, purposeful, and satisfied with your time?
If you often wrap up your days wondering what you have to show for them, or if you spend more time than you’d like ‘spinning your wheels,’ give this a try:
This week, decide your Weekly Top 3 – your three most important items to complete by Friday.
Record them at the top of your planner.
Then, block specific times to dedicate to those three items before adding anything else to your calendar. Honor those time blocks like you would a doctor’s appointment.
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I find mapping this out on paper first helps. If you’re part of my email community, you received a tool in your in-box this morning that you can use for this purpose!
Implement the Weekly Top 3 and see if it supports you in feeling more purposeful with one of your most precious resources – your time!
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