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I’ve had a lot of people ask me for my “secret” to achieving bold goals with meaning and purpose. While I don’t presume to have it all figured out, I can point very clearly to two things—surrounding myself with positive people, like my own coach, and having a planning system that works for me.

Several years ago, I felt stuck. I wanted to achieve bold, meaningful goals without the smaller details falling through the cracks. I wanted to keep my vision present and honor my priorities rather than feel scattered, unfocused, and exhaustingly busy, and none of the planners I used seemed to get it quite right. 

So I created my own!

The Purpose Planner keeps track of your work and helps you achieve purposeful productivity, greater momentum, and heightened clarity. It supplements whatever calendar you prefer and has worked wonders for meaningful achievers!

Since using the Purpose Planner, I have exceeded my sales goals - even winning a trip to the Grammy Awards as a result! It keeps me on track, focused, balanced, and making sure I honor what matters most to me. I love this system!
The Author

Shelly Feldmann

Marketing Consultant

All Part of the Plan

Your Purpose Planner system includes:

  • 1An Intro Guide to help you make the most of your Purpose Planner, including tips for making it meaningful, fun, and something you'll stick to

  • 2Our signature Success Calendar, allowing you to see your full-year "big picture" at a glance

  • 3A Weekly Time Map, as well as three distinct and powerful ways to use it

  • 4The 5-Point Scan page - a quick activity to add to your morning routine which highlights your Vision, Purpose, and three other key components to your meaningful career and purposeful life

  • 5Quarterly Planning/Tracking sheets

  • 6Monthly Planning/Tracking sheets

  • 7Weekly-Daily Planning/Tracking sheets

  • 8You will also receive a downloadable MP3 recording of our 90-minute seminar, Planning Your Year of Purposeful Productivity, in which I walk through the Purpose Planner system in more detail, share best practices, offer examples, and provide additional ways to enhance your Purpose Planner system to support your goals and dreams in the new year

Start Planning

The Purpose Planner system is more than a planner, it’s a change agent for the way you conduct your work and live your life. Use it wisely, use it well, start using it now.

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