ASPIRE Success Club

To What Do You ASPIRE?

Nearly all endeavors, from losing weight to starting a business, are easier and more fulfilling when done with a group. The ASPIRE Success Club was born out of this principle and with more than 100 members across the country, the club has filled a niche for smart, engaging women who love to grow, seek inspiration, crave meaningful discussions, and want a positive and action-oriented community to help them reach new heights.

Being in the ASPIRE Success Club means regular meetings on a variety of topics, gaining support and inspiration from like-minded women, reading and working through powerful resources, and finding yourself with others who “get you.” Ready to join?

ASPIRE has helped me grow my business and become better at leading myself. I walk out of each meeting feeling like I can conquer anything I put my mind to!
The Author

Michele Bjorkgren

Compass Financial

Club Benefits

ASPIRE Success Club is what you make of it, and there’s a lot of it to make.

  • 1Monthly meetings - both in-person and virtual - for teaching and discussion around success-building topics. We have several meetings each month, at various times throughout the day, to match your schedule.

  • 2Bold Goal-setting training and monthly accountability to ensure your forward movement. 

  • 3Meaningful facilitated discussion supported by excellent books, TED Talks, podcasts, and other resources.

  • 4Activities for further relationship-building, like our Summer Garden Party, frequent service opportunities, and year-end Bold Goal Celebration.

  • 5Continuous inspiration, idea-sharing, and resources via our private online discussion groups.

  • 6Additional learning opportunities in between meetings through author interviews, happy hours, and exclusive member-only events.

  • 7Laughter, intelligence, service, encouragement, wisdom, trust, community, positivity, and more.

There are three options for ASPIRE membership:


Connect with professional women for meaningful, growth-oriented discussion stemming from selected books and facilitated by certified coaches. ASPIRE membership includes monthly meetings, evening social gatherings, goal support, and more. It is ideal for connection, discussion, and growth in a particular life area.


All the connection and discussion of ASPIRE plus extra and exclusive trainings and meetings. ASPIRE Plus is for professionals wanting Bold Goal accountability and support, focused growth, regular professional development, and both small group and larger group connections.

ASPIRE Mastermind

Accelerate your success with a small group of meaningful achievers! ASPIRE Mastermind membership includes all of the benefits of ASPIRE and ASPIRE Plus but adds in full- and half-day retreats, private coaching and more. Masterminds are established professionals and business owners wanting holistic growth, greater accountability, advanced learning and to really "up their game."

How do you ASPIRE?

Member Benefits ASPIRE ASPIRE Plus ASPIRE Mastermind
Monthly meetings facilitated by certified coaches x x x
Reflection questions stemming from reading & resources x x x
Evening social gatherings (4) x x x
Goal / Life Dimension training x x x
Member Directory x x x
Private discussion forum x x x
Bold Goals For Meaningful Achievers training x x
Professional Development trainings* (at least 4) x x
Bold Goal small-group facilitated sessions (at least 6) x x
Monthly accountability tracking x x
Full-day Your Most Amazing & Purposeful Year! Retreat x
Half-day Midyear Success Supercharge Retreat x
One-on-one coaching sessions (2) x
Opportunity to facilitate small-group sessions x
Showcased on MAP blog, newsletter, or social media x
Prof’l Development checklists, resources, templates x
Investment: $397 Earlybird Rate $1,297 Earlybird Rate $2,497 Earlybird Rate

Other Opportunities

Meaning and purpose is all about finding what’s right for you. Have a look at our additional products, services and events.

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